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How does pricing work?
How does pricing work?
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All plans have a 30 day free trial that starts automatically once you pick a plan and approve the charge in Shopify.

Social Snowball has two pricing tiers: Snow Day, and Blizzard.

The Snow Day plan (starter tier) is $99/m + 3% of affiliate revenue, and gives you access to the following features:

  • Unlimited affiliates

  • 4 programs

  • 3 affiliate acquisition methods

  • 6 payout methods

  • Bulk payout sending

  • Dashboards & data reports

  • Live chat support

  • Use tracking links instead of discount codes

  • Klaviyo integration

  • Postscript integration

  • Full customization of the thank you page

  • Full customization of the sign up form

  • Edit discount codes

  • UTM link tracking

  • Remove Social Snowball branding

This plan does not include the following features:

  • Enterprise support (Slack Connect channel)

  • Dedicated account manager

To get the most of Social Snowball, our Blizzard plan has the highest flat fee ($499/m) but the no commission fees ever. This plan saves you a lot of money if you are doing high order volume! You'll get access to every feature in Snow Day, and unlock these awesome benefits:

  • Enterprise support (Slack Connect channel)

  • Dedicated account manager

If you have questions, please book a demo and we will find the plan that is right for your business!

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