Some affiliates may post their discount codes on coupon sites. A coupon site is a website listing coupon codes and other savings offers which are freely accessible to the public and may be redeemed at other retail web sites or stores.

Some store owners have no problem with this, as it is ultimately bringing them sales that they may not have received otherwise.

Some store owners do not want their discount codes leaked, however. This is typically because they only want people actually referred from affiliates to use their discount codes. If someone is browsing the web looking for discount codes on coupon sites, they were likely planning on purchasing whether or not they found a code, and many merchants would rather these customers pay full price.

If you decide that you wouldn't mind having your affiliate's discount codes leaked on coupon sites, then there is no action required on your part.

If you decide you do not want your affiliate's discount codes leaked on coupon sites, fear not! We have the ultimate solution. We have teamed up with Coupon Scout, a free service that scans coupon code sites automatically and alerts you when one of your codes has leaked. Here is an example of what an alert would look like:


If you determine the discount code shouldn't be public, you can remove it immediately to protect your profit margins.

Coupon Scout is a 100% free service! To learn more about Coupon Scout and to create your free account, click here.

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