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Setting up your affiliate account
Setting up your affiliate account
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This article will serve as a playbook to help you quickly set up your affiliate account and start receiving commission payouts ASAP!

Add your payout info

Before you receive commissions, you need to upload your payout credentials so that the merchant can send you money. To do this, go to the "Settings" tab in your affiliate portal, and click on "Payout Settings".

Depending on the merchant, you will see different payout options available here. To add your credentials, click on each available payout option that you are comfortable receiving, put in your info, and click "Save" button.

The more payout solutions you add your info for, the better! You will receive a notification when the merchant sends you your commission. You can send a reminder to the merchant to send you your payouts in the "Payouts" tab.

Need help receiving payouts with Veem? Click here.

Set your notification preferences

Next, you will want to set your notification preferences. To do this, go to the "Settings" tab, and click on "Notification". Set your preferences, and click "Save" to save the changes.

If you need more help getting your account set up or have any questions at all, please visit our support page.

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