Social Snowball now integrates with Veem to offer our most convenient, efficient, and universal payout solution yet. With this integration, you can send payouts directly from your bank account to your affiliates bank account with just a couple clicks in the Social Snowball dashboard. No more manual payments or high transfer fees, just quick and easy payouts directly to your affiliate's bank account!

To learn how to set up your Veem integration, check out our set up tutorial here.

How to send a payout using Veem:

From the payouts tab of your Social Snowball dashboard, click "Send Payout" for the payout you wish to send using Veem. Please note: You will be unable to send a payout using Veem unless the affiliate has input their Veem credentials in their affiliate dashboard.


Select "Pay with Veem"


Make sure the right currency is selected, and the click "Send Payment"


Thats it! You will receive a green notification informing you that the transaction went through successfully.


Having issues with Veem? Reach out to Veem support or contact Social Snowball.

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