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How can I onboard an affiliate without them making a purchase on my store?
How can I onboard an affiliate without them making a purchase on my store?
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Although Social Snowball by default will create affiliate accounts for your customers when they make a purchase on your store, there are many times where you might want to onboard an affiliate without having them purchase from you. Perhaps you are partnering with an influencer, or maybe your friend wants a discount code but doesn't want to buy anything. Whatever the reason, this article will explain how you can create an affiliate account for anyone, no purchase necessary! Let's dive in.

To create an affiliate account without making a purchase, all you have to do is sign up as an affiliate via the sign up form.

To activate your sign up form, go to the customize -> integrations tab in your Social Snowball Dashboard.


Turn on the affiliate form option, and then copy the embed code provided to your clipboard.


Next, log in to your Shopify dashboard and navigate to Online Store > Pages.


Click on "Add Page"


Add a title for your page and then click <> to show HTML.


Now, paste the embed code you copied from Social Snowball here and click save.


Your affiliate sign up form is now embedded in Shopify and ready to go! You can preview this page by clicking "View on your online store" or add it to a navigational menu by clicking "add it to your store's navigation".

Now, simply have whoever you want fill out and submit this form with their information and they will be created an affiliate account and have their custom discount code sent straight to their email!

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